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The deportment was established in 1968 with PUC and B.Sc.(BZC.E/M). Then the strength of students was around 100 only. The first  staff  member of the department was Dr: S.Srinivas Rao. The number of faculty increased from  1970 to1984,with the introduction  of Intermediate and B.Sc.(BZC-T/M).The majority  of staff  who were recruited from 1970 to 1980 attained superannuation by the December- 2007. Now the department is working with only TWO aided teaching staff and the remaining  Two are part timers. A restructural course was established in 1976 with the Agricultural Botany by replacing the  Zoology. It was winded up due to lack of students offering it in 1984.

The faculty members, apart from teaching are also shouldering the responsibilities like  Academic coordinator, LBC & SC wardens members of examination branch and participated as resource   persons and judges  to train teachers and science fairs,   respectively. The faculty Members are also members of Kakatiya university academic bodies like Board of studies, Moderation Board, Results committee etc,.. the department has a good tradition of felicitating  their teachers on their superannuation from the department of Botany, Kakatiya university, Warangal. One of the retired staff members Dr:  N. Janakiramaiah  gives cash awards  every year to commemorate his beloved mother to the students. who achieve I,II  and III ranks ,in the Botany from this institution at under graduation level of the respective university examination  
among the B.Sc (BZC-T/M & E/M ) students.

Facilities and Instruments

The department has well equipped plant specimens, models, herbarium cabinet and well furnished TWO spacious practical  laboratories. Each lab can able to accommodate 30 to 40 students. comfortably.  It has a well maintained   botanical garden for Taxonomical studies. The other instruments are laminar flow, spectrophotometer,  Overhead projector, slide projector, Binocular research microscopes, LCD, digital balance, two Refrigerators, thermostat ,water bath etc,.

Seminars/workshops organized in the past five years

A seminar on “genetically modified plants” in June-2006.

A seminar on “ Modern Trends in Taxonomy”in August-2006.

A seminar on  “Genetical basis of Incompatibility in flowering plants”in March-2007.

A seminar on “Recent Trends in plant  physiology” in December-2007

A seminar on “Ethnobotany and Biodiversity of Medicinal plants of AP” in July-2009.

Campus selections

Now and then selections are made for Agriculture/ field assistants by the department of Agriculture, AP. The selected candidates are imparted with training and then they are appointed as Agriculture/Field assistants to help the farmers on the field.

Regular Taxonomic survey by the students of B.Sc. IIyr  in the surrounding areas and away places. The students of B.Sc.  I yr are taken to the local Agricultural research station to study some common crop diseases. occasional interaction of old students, who are well placed in the society with the present students.

Faculty members

1. Dr. K.N.Lalitha - Lecturer &   Head
          M.Sc, Ph.D.
2. Mr. A. Karunkar - Lecturer
          M.Sc, B.Ed.
3. Miss. K. Kala Jyothi - Lecturer
          M.Sc, B.Ed.
1. Mr. B.Vijaya Bhaskar - Attender
2. Smt. Md. Zareena - Attender
3. Mr. K. Bixapathi - Gardiner
4. Mr. Ch. Venkateshwarlu - Garden   Keeper

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