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Started as a Single man Department in 1968, the department has expanded to a faculty of four members by 1973.

At present two faculty members are serving in the Department Dr.B.Venkateshwar Rao, Dr.Y.Venkat Reddy reader in Economics.

The former faculty of the Department have been elevated to higher positions like Vice Chancellor, Personnel Manager B.D.L., Rector, Professors, Principals and collaborated with international projects.

The faculty handles BA classes with the combination of Economics, Political Science, Public Administration and also B.Com I Year Business Economics.

Results Analysis

Results analysis of BA final year Economics the pass percentage is above 90 percent.

case of B.A I, II years the pass percentage ranges between 70-85 percent.

: These results are based on Annual Examinations; however the university conducts advanced Supl. Exams in the                                beginning of academic year. If we include that, the result will be more than 95 percent.

Curricular Activities

The department organizes special remedial classes for the failed candidates.

Undertakes continuous evaluation of students by conducting slip tests (2), assignments (2), Term Exam (1), Pre-final Exam (1).

Student Seminars are organized on selected topics in each paper to build up confidence in the subject.

Keeping in view the dearth of reading material in Telugu, study material for all papers is supplied to students.

Entrance coaching for MA (ECO) Student individual counseling and career guidance is provided.

Curriculum Teaching Development Efforts

Since inception, the faculty has been making efforts to strengthen the curriculum based on local needs and requirements in the subject.

Proposed optional papers like Rural Economics, Quantitative Methods, Framed Syllabus and Published Text books.

Annual Teaching Schedules in Economics prepared by the department are approved and recommended for all colleges under the Kakatiya University.

As members of Board of Studies, Academic Council, Syllabus Review Committee (KU), Curriculum Development Committee (College Development Council, Govt. of AP)

In the last five years the faculty members have acted as

Subject committee member, Resource person for ‘ Repositing of Higher education in A.P – Quality Improvement in Teaching of Economics (Director of collegiate education)

Subject coordinator, Academic coordinator for skill update workshop for economics Lecturer in A.P organized by Director of collegiate education.

Subject committee member for the workshop on mathematical skills for economics lecturers organized by Director of collegiate education.

Member of e-content generation in economics, organized by director of collegiate education.

Faculty Up gradation

Participation in 16 orientation and refresher programmes

Refresher courses in emerging areas.

Law and Economics, Central University Hyderabad, University of Hamburg, Germany

Mathematical Economics, Kakatiya University.

Environmental Economics, Institute of Economic Growth, New Delhi

Participated in about 200 Seminars, Conferences, Workshops, Training programs to make the staff abreast of latest developments

Co-curricular Activities

Seminars are organized by inviting experts on topics like Agrarian Crisis, Extension, Bio-Technology, Relevance of Social Sciences, Consumer Awareness etc.

In the last five years seminars are organized on organic farming, environment protection, food and nutrition.

The faculty has been delivering extension Lectures on Indian economy economic reforms, planning, poverty etc to all the

first year B.A, B.Com, B.Sc as a part of General paper prescribed by university.

Guest lectures are organized by inviting faculty from university, other colleges and from Government and Field functionaries.

Study material is supplied based on guest lectures.

To expose the students to real life situation and practical orientation, field visits and surveys beginning with planning forum in 1976 are conducted for final year students, Visits to eSagu, Mulkanoor Cooperative Society etc. are a few of them.

NSS Volunteers are also utilized for such surveys.

Extra curricular Activities

Students were encouraged to participate in Essay Writing, Elocution, Quiz and Cultural Competitions.

Largest participation in NCC (35), NSS (50) is from BA (Faculty has been in charge for Extra Curricular Activities Career Guidance and NSS for a long time)

Three students from B.A have attended National Integration Camp at Jammu, Republic Day Parade 2006 and All India Trekking Expedition.

Several students have received prizes in Elocutions and Essay Writing

Research Guidance

Deeply involved in Empirical Research since 1971.

Constant research helped in not only acquiring M.Phils. and Ph.Ds. but also as Research Supervisors at Kakatiya University.

Eight (8) Research Scholars have been awarded Ph.Ds.under the supervision of departmental faculty

The areas include Agrarian Relations, Agrarian Unrest, Price Spread, Female Labour, Common Property Resources, Child Labour, Population Trends , poverty etc.

Five (5) Research Scholars are pursuing Ph.D. program under the faculty now.

Research Projects

Six (6) Minor Research Projects (UGC) have been under taken.

Six(6) Major Research Reports have been completed viz,1) Gathering Agrarian Crisis – Farmers’ Suicides in Warangal District, AP, India, (visit at Evaluation of Minor Irrigation Works,3) Evaluation of eSagu project an IT based  agricultural information dissemination system, funded by MC&IT, New Delhi (2004-05).

In the last five years one (1) minor Research project U.G.C and (3) major Research works have been undertaken.

They are

Evaluation of Building a cost effective and personalised esagu 2005-06.

Evalution of esagu Projectisation, optimisation and Developing a Business model 2006- 07.

Report to srikrishna committee on Telangan 2010.

Forty (40) Minor Studies were conducted in Collaboration with Centre for Environmental Studies and Warangal Consumers’ Council and reports are brought out embracing resource inventory, environment impact assessment, rural development dynamics etc.


Faculty are co-authors in Eight text books for Intermediate, BA and MA students and two subject books.

Altogether 50 Research Papers have been published in Journals.

Four (4) papers have been published and faculty are co-authers for three books in the last five years.

Six (6) papers have been presented at International, National, State level seminars in the last 5 years.

Consultancies and Linkages

Associated with professional bodies

Andhra Pradesh Economic Association (Dr. A. Sudarshan Reddy has served as the Secretary of this association during 2000-2004), other faculty has served as Executive Members

Indian Society of Labour Economics.

Indian Political Economy Association etc.

The department is closely associated with

Institute of Social and Economic Change, Bangalore.

Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram

International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad

Centre for Economic and Social Studies, Hyderabad

Acharya N.G. Ranga Agricultural University, Hyderabad

Faculty has been providing consultancy services to

Research project on Bio-Technology and Political Ecology of Information in Andhra Pradesh undertaken by Glen Davis

Stone university of Washington, St. Louis, USA, being funded by National Science Foundation USA (2003-04).

Research project on Seed Choice (2005) undertaken by Glen Davis Stone, University of Washington, St. Louis, USA, being
funded by National Science Foundation, USA.

For the last three years (2004-05, 2005-06 & 2006-07) faculty has been providing services in the Evaluation of esagu project undertaken by IIIT, Hyderabad.
In the last five years the faculty has interacted on Agrarian Distrers and famers suicides , G.M seeds etc with

Sumathi Reddy, John Hopkins University, Washington (U.S.A)

Robert Tripp, Overseas Development Institute, London.

Sopan joshi, Centre for science and environment, New Delhi.

Julia freeman, The University of British Columbia, Canada.

Extension Activities

Extensive links with Government organisations like

-     Janmabhoomi (District Resource Person), Harithamithra, Neeru-Meeru, Clean and Green, Micro Planning

-     Member of District Committees like Consumer Advisory Committee, Prohibition, Environmental Public Hearing, Jail            Advisory Committee, Radio Advisory Committee.

-      These apart, the faculty itself established and nurturing voluntary organisations like Centre for Environmental                                     Studies, Warangal, Warangal Consumers’ Council, Society for Development Alternatives etc.Launched peoples’ participatory action programmes like ‘Green Your Colony’,’Green Desaipet’in the city.

Helped to take up various activities embracing Agriculture, Consumer Protection, Environment Protection, Water Use etc.

Acted as advisors to the Federation of Non-Government Organisations in Warangal District.

Altogether about 500Seminars, Training, and. Lecture programmes for a cross section of society covering farmers, students, youth, women have been organised.

Fifty (50) radio talks of the faculty were broadcast.

Coordinated 160 radio talks on the theme of environment at AIR Warangal.

In recognition of this, John Dalvi Award, Vana Premi Award, Best Program Officers, NSS, Kakatiya University were awarded to the faculty of the Department of Economics.

1. Dr. Y. Venkat Reddy - Reader & Head
M.A, M.Phil, Ph.D

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