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Public Administration

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Department of Public Administration

         Public administration is one of the youngest academic disciplines in the family of social sciences. As an Academic discipline, it has its origin in the United States. With the publication of the seminal essay “The study of Administration” written by Woodrow Wilson in 1887 laid the foundations for developing into a full pledged academic discipline. Ever since the publication of the essay several eminent scholars Like Frank Goodnow, L.D white, Henry Fayal, J.D. Mooney, Luther Gullick, L.Urwick .Elton mayo, Chester I Barnard, F.M  Marx, Herbert A. Simon etc., have had enriched the discipline with their many a  Scholarly publications.

      The Public Administration, as an academic discipline taken birth in India only after its Independence .The first full pledged independent academic department was established in the Nagpur University in 1948. Since then, the discipline has slowly and firmly spread to different Universities in the country. The discipline has got greater patronage in the Osmania University under the academic leadership of Prof M.A.Muthalib. The department of public Administration, Kakatiya University was at the forefront  and was responsible for getting the acceptance of puritans in political science.

        Public Administration in one of popular and most farmred academic subjets for the civil service aspirants, with its introduction as one of the optional subjects by both UPSC and state public service commission’s in the country, innumerable candidates got selected to the civil services.

The Department of public administration in C.K.M. Arts & Science College was created in 1968. Prof  V.S.Prasad was the founder Head of the Department. Prof K.Murali manohar has Joined the Department in 1972. The untiring efforts and scholarly pursuits by them laid strong foundations for the discipline in the College.

After they left the College service in 1979, the Department is being headed by Dr. K. Mohan Rao, He was ably assisted by Dr.G. Venkat Reddy, who retired from service in May 2009.

            The Department has fully equipped Library, charts, Reference material procured from different sourses. The department has conducted several workshops for the benefits of teachers of public administration working under the jurisdiction of Kakatiya University. The department is the only department to have conducted workshops for the Teachers.

           The Head, Department has been conducting sessions of career Guidance and counseling and personality Development.

Faculty of Public Administration

Dr. M. Purnachandar   Lecturer & Head

M.A, Ph.D
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