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Student Support

Fee Concessions,  Scholarships are available to Economically Backward Classes, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes and other listed backward classess as per Government rules.  They are

1. Scholarships for the students from Non-Hindi speaking areas.

2. Scholarships for Physically handicapped students

3. Social Welfare Scholarships to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and listed Backward Class students

4. Merit Scholarships.

5. Scholarships to the Children of Deceased A.P. State Government Servants who died while in service.

6. Scholarships to children of deceased Ex-servicemen.

7. Scholarships offered by CKM Alumini

8. Scholarships offered by CKM Staff Members.

9. Student Aid fund.


1.  The Students are required to be regular to the college.

2. They are required to be polite and respectful to their teachers and courteous to their classmates.  Furthere, they are expected to follow the instructions given by the College from time to time.

3. Students should not loiter in the corridors

4. Outsiders are not allowed to attend the classes or interfere with the affairs of the College.  Serious action will be taken against the outsiders who violate this rule.

5. Any student who poses threat to the peace and congenial atmosphere of the College will be rusticated from the College.


All Students have to put in a minimum of 75 % of attendance as required by the University.  Defaulters in attendance will not be allowed to appear at the annual examinations.  If a student is continuously absent for a period of one month, his/her name shall be removed from the collge rolls.  Such students are not allowed to seek re-admission.

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